Deborah Kay is a rising star, whose time has come. Blessed with a sweet and pure soprano voice, along with a masterful style of playing piano, Deborah is destined for true superstardom. Hailing from the “music rich” Motor City, Deborah is already being called, perhaps, the best new female singer to emerge from Detroit since Anita Baker hit the national music scene 25 years ago.
These days, Deborah is ecstatic about the upcoming release of her highly anticipated debut CD, entitled “Love Stories,” which contains the hot single, “Love Everlasting.” The single has already received rave reviews from selected music critics and radio executives from around the United States, who have heard the song in advance of its release. “Love Stories” is an epic collection of beautiful songs of love, inspiration, hope and faith, all penned by Deborah. The CD will be released in June, 2008 on the Visionmoore Music Group, LLC record label.
While “Love Stories” is Deborah’s first solo CD, she is no stranger to the music scene. Over the last 10 years, she has performed or recorded with such national artists as Ronnie Laws, Carl Carlton, Kim Waters, Earl Klugh, Run DMC, Billy Preston, Gene Dunlap and Lin Rountree, Yazarahand and Dino Kartzonakis.

Deborah’s early music experience is rooted in her church choir at New Mount Zion Baptist in Detroit, where her father served as pastor. As a member of the choir, Deborah sang and played piano, under the direction of her mother, who was the minister of music. While gospel music has been the building block to Deborah’s rising music career, she has also studied classical voice and piano. In addition, Deborah’s voice and keyboard styling was influenced by Detroit’s vibrate R&B and jazz scene.

Although inspired and influenced by such female singers as Cece Winans, Alicia Keys and Keisha Coles, Deborah, with her three-and-a-half octave range, has created her own style and sound, which transcend culture, race and age boundaries. “I love to write, sing and play the music that’s placed on my heart,” says Kay. “My songs and music inspire and empower me to reach out and touch the emotions of my audience.”

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